hello, friend.

Does your business fall into one of THESE categories?

Digital product creator
Medical professional
Nonprofit focused on advocacy
Podcast host
Expert service provider


I know you are tired of hearing you need to do #allthethings to grow your business.

Truth is, as businesses with small teams, following those messages leaves us feeling scattered, paralyzed to take action, and, in general, STUCK. Bleh.

So, I’m here to help you get UNSTUCK.

How? Well, since your business is rooted in your expertise, you have a very valuable asset. YOU!

So, let’s position that expertise to gain you maximum visibility for your ideal client.


Full Service Visibility Implementation


Do you just want to put your business’ visibility in the hands of
someone who can handle it for you? 

After we create a detailed strategy for how to find and connect with audiences of your ideal client, you can just sit back and relax as our team handles all the details of implementing your plan for a full 3 months. 

That’s right. Leave the pitching to us. You probably hate it.

But, we’re weird. We actually love it.  

We develop your visibility strategy for 1-2 platforms (includes workflow, topics to pitch, template pitch, etc).

We pitch on your behalf for 3 months. That tiny work ‘pitch’ involves researching relevant outlets, personalizing the pitch, sending the pitch, following up, handing it over to you for scheduling, and coaching you through the opportunities to maximize pull-through and conversions.

And, we’ll overlap and/or work with your VA so we can hand over execution of the plan after our time together comes to an end. 🙁

Done-With-You Visibility Strategy + Implementation


Ready to feel focused and confident about your visibility?

We’ll work together to develop a visibility strategy that works for you and your business goals.

AND, we’ll work with you to teach you how to implement that plan so you can keep the work in-house after our time together. 

So, we’ll teach you the art of strategic visibility. 

And, we’ll show you how to pitch your business in a way that doesn’t
leave you feeling like you need a shower. 

Together, we’ll develop a strategy for 1-2 platforms. 

We’ll create a pitch template that you can use over and over again AND
we’ll show you how to tweak it so it sounds like a human actually sent it. 

We’ll coach through the opportunities to maximize pull-through and conversions.
Basically, we got your back. You can do this.