Have you ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, ‘Tipping Point?’ It’s an incredibly smart read that looks at case studies of epidemics, fashion trends, and the like to better see the commonalities in the tipping points. From a visibility and positioning perspective, knowing your customer’s tipping point is everything.

Often, business owners struggle with knowing how to ‘find’ their customer. The truth is, as long as you’ve had a handful of customers before, finding more shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. With a strategic and analytic brain, my gut reaction is to always look back and spot patterns. In the instance of positioning, the ideal place to be seen is at the moment your potential client needs what you offer and is willing and able to pay for it.Great. How to you identify that exact point in time? You find audiences of your ideal client that are at or almost at their tipping point of needing you.

What does you ideal client need at the same time they need you?


What does your ideal client need right before they need you?

Parenting coach? Sleep coach?

If your ideal client doesn’t choose to work with a business like yours, how do they get their problem solved? How do they find that problem solver?


How does your ideal client feel before they get to point of needing you?

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