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Are you scaling your business? 

And, in order to do that, you KNOW you need to be more ‘visible’?

But…you’re not quite sure where to start?

I got you, girl.

Start with the same Trello workflow board I use every day with my clients AND my video training that details the parts of a solid visibility strategy. 

Friend, don’t let those things stand in your way.

Your gift is too important NOT to be shared.

You were created to serve


Connecting is my superpower.

And, helping small to mid-sized businesses increase
their impact by strategically connecting with
other influencers lights me up.

how does this work?


We take an in-depth look at your business, your visibility goals and the types of platforms that make sense for YOU. We focus on leveraging your expertise and growing your network.



Your specific visibility plan includes core platforms, strategic content topics, a customized ‘template’ pitch, lists of specific outreach opportunities, and action steps.



I will support you in your implementation efforts by either helping to develop your ongoing strategy and skills through regular strategy sessions OR by implementing the plan for you.

Hey, there! I’m Angie.

My passion is helping moms simplify their lives so they have the bandwidth to serve our world in a way that only they can uniquely offer.

For years, I did this directly through a business that helped moms simplify dinnertime. Until….I discovered that what really lights me up (and what I’m really great at!) is helping spread the word about other businesses that I care about deeply. It’s a perfect mix of my strategy skills, my messaging wizardry, and my fierce love of being a superconnector. 

So, if your business makes family life easier and you’re at a point where you want to reach MORE of them, we should chat! We’ll discuss your business, your goals and your superpowers so we can decide if what I do is what you actually need.

Angie has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders!

Working with Angie has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. My word for 2018 is visibility, and although I knew I needed to get my face and message out there, I also knew that would take a lot of time. I want to focus my energy on creating content for my audience and being present in my community.


Angie has made it possible for me to do that AND be visible. She does all the work for me, so all I have to do is show up for the interview or write the tips for an article. I’ve been featured on new podcasts, a national media outlet, and a syndicated radio show for moms.

I love Angie as a person, so it’s pretty easy to work together. She is fun, energetic and willing to do the work to get you results. She is also passionate about her clients  and their businesses. She immerses herself in your message and only chooses to pitch to people and places she knows will be a good fit.

Kendra Hennessy

Owner, Mother Like a Boss

The results were immediate!!

Before working with Angie, I knew that I needed to expand my business’ visibility but, every time I tried, it was a major time suck that didn’t produce any tangible results. 


From our very first meeting, Angie lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. She took the time to really understand my vision and create a visibility strategy that was a perfect fit for me and my business.


Once she started implementing that strategy, the results were immediate! I’m getting booked on at least one high-quality podcast each week, I’ve submitted guest posts to high caliber publications, and I’ve been featured in an online summit. None of this would have happened without Angie. 

Catherine Middlebrooks

Founder, brbYoga

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